Communications Hub

Community text and email messaging engine for individual and mass communications

Enhance Security and Livability with
2-Way Texting and Emails

Conduct universal persons searches within registration data and text or email searched individuals from the same location. To make things even easier, create and use text and email templates so communications can happen at the click of a button.

Automate Communication Flows Through Triggers and Actions

Set up an if-this-then-that sequence based on various triggers such as guest arrival, specific times of the day, or a pass being scanned. Actions can also be delayed so a person automatically receives a message after a preset number of seconds, minutes, or even hours.

Issue Mass Notifications in Times of Emergency or Maintenance

Send out text and email alerts to residents, vendors, and guests. Target specific groups or message everyone at once. Set up preset emergency templates for various crises such as hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, or COVID alerts. Alert guests and residents of down times for pool or clubhouse maintenance. Send out announcements about various community events.

Sample Use Cases

Curfews or Quiet Hours

Message rental guests, residents, and vendors during specific times to notify them of community quiet hours or curfews.

Welcome Messages

Message incoming rental guests when they arrive at the community gate and after their pass has been scanned.

Automated Reminders

Remind guests to lock their rentals or vehicles to keep their personal belongings safe and secure.

Trash Notifications

Automatically remind rental guests on their departure date or during a trash day to take out their trash.

Parking Violation Notices

Search individuals who are illegally parked and text them before towing their vehicle.

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