Educate and Hold Accountable Your Community’s Guests and Vendors

Custom educational content on community rules, policies, and more delivered via SymLiv’s registration hubs

Increase Community Livability with Touchless Guest Registration & Education for Mobile and Desktop

SymLiv facilitates the delivery of educational content before guests and 
vendors arrive at the community via IoT devices.

Reduce Fire Danger

Educate guests on fire restrictions and gather compliance acknowledgements to protect against liability
in case of a fire

Reduce Noise and Party Houses

Reduce tensions between guests and their neighbors by educating guests on noise ordinances as well as occupancy limits.

Eliminate Littering and Trash Issues

Ensure guests understand trash removal policies in your community as well as the costs of violations if
caught littering platform.

Reduce Parking Problems

Save money by automating the parking administration process and educating guests on parking and traffic rules. Issue and charge for parking passes and manage parking enforcement in one system

Increase Environmental Awareness

Teach guests about caring for your community and its surrounding environment. Include educational
modules covering wildlife encounters, nature trails, and how to reduce guest impact on the environment

Drive Rental Guest Behavior by Combining Automated Orientation with Access Control

Ensure guests are educated before being granted access to your community. Connect SymLiv to your access control systems and maintain near total compliance by issuing access rights via SymLiv’s registration Hubs. Restrict or suspend access once an individual guest basis once an individual has been registered.

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