Security & Geo-Tracking Hub

Empower your security staff with modern software tools and data. Effortlessly track vendor locations in your community.

Today’s Communities Need Modern, Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Put modern tools in the hands of your officers and staff. Empower them with data on vendors, guests, and residents that’s accessible from any IoT devices. Search registration data to identify individuals in case of violations or incidents and record the appropriate information.

Get a Single, Consolidated View of the
Security Status Within Your Community

Combine registration data with powerful, modern public safety tools

Scan and validate passes to immediately see passholder’s information

Search persons and track violations, incidents, and complaints

Look up individual driver licenses and IDs for authentication

Create Custom and Polygon Geofences for Vendor and Staff Location Tracking

SymLiv’s Geo-Tracking Engine is a robust security and communications enhancement tool that’ll take your community’s
security capabilities to the next level.

Draw custom geofence boundaries and track vendor or staff locations in real-time within those boundaries. Know who’s in your community and where they’re at. Pair location data with communication functions to target only those within the geofence with text messages or emails.

Learn Which Other SymLiv Products Complement the Security and Geo-Tracking Hub

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A secure, web-enabled solution for improving security and mitigating vacation rental problems in the community

Vendor Registration Hub

Vendor registration, education, and management tools for data collection and vendor monitoring

Guest & Vendor Education

Custom educational content on community rules, policies, and more delivered via SymLiv’s registration hubs

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