Vendor Registration Hub

Register, educate, and track commercial vendors entering your community with SymLiv’s vendor management software suite

Touchless Guest Registration &
Education for Mobile or Desktop

The first step towards managing commercial vendors is getting all of your information about them in one place.

Scalable, cloud-based self-registration system

Collect visitor data on all commercial vendors entering the community including company details, documents, employee lists, and vehicles, all with SymLiv’s vendor registration portal.

Progressive vendor profiling

Build visitor profiles over the vendor’s lifetime by tracking employee education, communications history, violations, incidents, and complaints.

Establish strong vendor authentication policies

Establish vendor admission criteria and reduce illegitimate vendors entering the community by ensuring proper documentation and identification data are uploaded.

Reduce Dependency on Manual Tasks by Digitizing Vendor Management and Processing

Let SymLiv do the heavy lifting. Automate and streamline registration, education,
monitoring, communication, and reporting on vendors, and do it all in one place.

Gain Insights into Pass Sales and Vendor Registration Data

Get real time registration and sales data using pre-built and custom reporting to see which vendors are entering your community and how often. Plan staffing schedules and vendor flow based on cyclic data trends. download or export your data to CSVs, or access it via API.

Track Vendor Location within the Community via SymLiv’s Geofencing Engine

Get real time location data on vendors in the community. Always know who they are and where they’re at. Selectively target vendor location trackers via text or email in case of emergencies, violations, or notifications. Establish no-go zones in the community to ensure vendors stay in approved areas.

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