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Reduce Short-Term Rental Impact on the Community while Creating Sustainable Workforce Housing

Reduce the Impact of Short-Term Rentals on Your Community Without Restricting Them

In the last ten years, short-term rentals have dramatically altered the landscape of guest accommodations and our understanding of how they affect communities. While the sharing economy can bring economic benefits, it can also have detrimental effects on community character and housing inventory.

SymLiv Software has developed a unique opportunity for local governments to solve big issues in communities primarily related to housing needs of residents and local employees. We’ve partnered with community management experts across the country to craft sustainable, business- and rental host-friendly solutions to these issues. We offer hassle-free, no cost consultative services and draw upon our deep experience to help cities mitigate these problems.

Create Long-Term, Sustainable Workforce Housing

Housing price escalation, competition, and the high percentage of new or second homes along with the loss of long-term rentals to short-term/vacation rentals have all contributed to the loss of long-term, affordable housing across the country. All of these set the scale of the problem and how hard it will be to get, keep and ensure homes for residents and local employees to ensure a strong and diverse community.

Symliv software along with the experience from in-depth interviews with more than 300 public officials have shed light on how to begin to mitigate these challenges. Our in-house housing experts and technology solutions can help you craft policy solutions to address these issues without hurting tourism or your local economy.

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Guest Registration Hub

A secure, web-enabled solution for improving security and mitigating vacation rental problems in the community

Communications Hub

Community text and email messaging engine for individual and mass communications

Guest & Vendor Education

Custom educational content on community rules, policies, and more delivered via
SymLiv’s registration hubs

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