The Quickest and Easiest Way to Solving Problems with Guests and Vendors

SymLiv empowers communities to increase livability and sustainability through guest, vendor, and resident management software tools.

Manage All of Your Community’s Guests, Vendors, and Residents from One Platform

SymLiv’s community livability management (CLM) platform has all of the tools and integrations you need to register, educate, and monitor your community’s visitors, commercial vendors, and residents. Each tool in the platform can be used individually or all together to address your community’s sustainability and livability issues.

Our Platform

Guest Registration Hub

Automatically register and educate all visitors and rental guests entering your community

Vendor Registration Hub

Touchless commercial vendor registration and education with document upload

Resident Management Hub

Give residents greater control over their community experience by allowing them to record complaints, submit work requests, control visitor access, and more

Security & Geo-Tracking Hub

Validate visitor credentials, search persons & vehicles, track vendors and staff using geofencing

Communications Hub

Communicate with vendors, residents, and guests individually or all at once. Automate text and email messaging campaigns.

Vacation Rental Management Hub

Gives rental hosts the option to customize educational content for their guests to review during community registration.

Educate Your Community’s Guests and Vendors on Rules, Policies, and More

Provide custom educational content to your community’s guests and vendors at registration to ensure they know and will keep the rules. Collect digital signatures to enforce compliance and protect the community from liability.

Empower Your Community Security Staff With SymLiv’s Security Hub

Supplement your current access control tools or empower your security staff with SymLiv’s security hub. Instantly search, locate, and hold responsible individuals or vendors in your community. Track violations, incidents, and complaints with the click of a button.

Address Environmental Sustainability Through Modern Technology

Reduce trash, noise, and parking problems through SymLiv’s education and enforcement tools. Reduce wildfire hazards by ensuring guests know the fire restrictions in your area before they arrive.

A New Technology-Driven Approach to Community Management

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Our software is 100% cloud-based, meaning you don’t need to worry about paying for and updating on-site infrastructure. Our systems are highly scalable and redundant.

Fast Updates & Improvements

Our growing team of community management specialists works around the clock to improve our platform based off the needs of our customers. We release hundreds of features and improvements every year.

Optimized for

We understand time is money which is why our software is designed to create efficiencies for
community staff. Each feature is meant to free up traffic, eliminate menial office work, and make
your staff’s lives easier.


Combine your legacy access control and security systems with SymLiv’s modern suite of tools. We’ve built hundreds of integrations with leading access control providers.

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