Guest Registration Hub

A secure, web-enabled solution for improving security and mitigating vacation rental problems in the community

Touchless Guest Registration &
Education for Mobile or Desktop

Make guest management easy

One Central Control Point

Grant security and community staff the ability to view, manage and control guest access

Fully Integrated Solution

SymLiv integrates with leading access control solutions to provide a seamless experience for community staff and visitors

Secure, Cloud-based Infrastructure

Stop worrying about on-site, legacy infrastructure and data security. SymLiv’s modern security protections ensure data is housed safely off-premise in case of down times or outages.

Automated Guest Education on Community Rules, Policies, and More

Short-term rentals have produced a plethora of issues due to guests violating community rules and policies. Reduce friction with neighbors by educating and holding accountable rental guests entering the community. With SymLiv’s education modules, communities can ensure rental hosts have properly communicated rules and policies prior to guest arrival.

Manage Traffic Flow and Reduce Traffic Jams

Pre-arrival registration and payment processing reduce times spent at gates without reducing security. SymLiv provides both pre-arrival registration and fast-tracked registration tools upon arrival to free up traffic without reducing security.

Know Who’s in Your Community and What They’re Doing

Get real-time data on the status of current visitors in the community so community staff, security, or parking enforcement can address security issues immediately. Us pre-build reporting to get a deeper understanding of how your guests are behaving while in your community.

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