Vacation Rental
Management Hub

Create custom, curated educational content for your rental guests that’s delivered via the community registration portal

Upload a Guest Guidebook into the Community Registration Portal

Create and upload guest orientation content directly into the community registration portal. When guests are registered via the community portal and receive their access identifiers, they’re guided through community rules and rental- specific educational content. As a host, you can create content centered around guest check-in and check-out procedures, rental cleaning instructions, as well as any fees for broken items. Upload a guest guidebook with details on local attractions, deals, discounts, and more.

Create Happier Guests and Happier Neighbors

Guests leave better reviews when they feel integrated into the community and understand what to do and what not to do during the stay. Eliminate neighbor complaints by ensuring your guests understand quiet hour rules, parking restrictions, trash management policies, and directions.

Save Time and Money by Reducing Rental Cleaning and Maintenance Costs

Educated guests understand the costs of not following rules and are more likely to clean their rental unit more thoroughly and ensure nothing is broken during their stay. This makes the lives of your cleaning and maintenance staff easier and less time-consuming.

Automate Processes and Improve Rental Performance

SymLiv’s Vacation Rental Management Hub is more than just guest education

Automated Communication Tools

Set up an if-this-then-that text messaging or email sequence based on various triggers such as guest arrival, specific times of the day, or a pass being scanned.

Two-Way Communication Tools

Message guests via text or email and track correspondence with each guest.

Multi-Channel Calendar

Gain insights into total registrations with your rental across multiple booking channels

Community Rental Registration

Easily register rentals with the community with the click of a button

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